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  • Engage Your Audience Like a Local

    Language has the power to bridge gaps. But sometimes, you must go even further for the best customer experience. The final product has to look, sound, and feel exactly like what your users are used to. This can vary significantly, even within the same country. If your content needs to reach different target audiences around the world, a native speaker’s insight is essential to convey your message effectively. To expand into new horizons, enrich experiences and increase customer loyalty, you need to localize.


    Much broader than translation, localization involves fully adapting cultural and non-textual elements to reflect the target culture down to the last detail.

    Localized content is not just limited to customer-facing materials and products. When you have global teams, you’ll need to make sure that everyone is properly trained, and operations are at the same standard across the board. Localization is the perfect solution to tailor your recruitment, training and e-learning content to specific markets. And it won’t go unnoticed – localization improves employee satisfaction and performance, ensuring that your customers reap the benefits, too.




    Not localizing your texts would be a missed opportunity – whether it’s your websites, market research surveys, mobile apps, or software/UI.

    Attached’s experts help define your localization needs and deliver customized content that gets results.

    Why Localization?

    You may have come across the terms translation and localization being used interchangeably. While translating from one language into another is recommended for specific texts, a successful campaign, platform, or product launch depends on complete adaptation to make it culturally relevant. That’s where localization comes in.


    Language and culture are intertwined. In addition to extensive linguistic and industry knowledge, our global network of language service professionals at Attached stays on top of the latest cultural trends. We speak your customer’s language in a way that’s targeted and personalized.

    Here are just some of the benefits:

    • Crafting content that truly resonates.

    • Bringing your teams together

    • Gaining trust and brand loyalty

    • Keeping customers coming back

    • Increasing referrals to your business


    Localization offers an effective, consistent, and seamless experience throughout the customer journey and across your global offices.

    Give your customers the best service possible –
    just like a native.

    Better Together

    Attached has been at the forefront of the language industry by developing smart, customer-oriented solutions that have proven their worth in practice.

    Attached functions as your strategic localization partner and supports you in your global marketing and communication initiatives. This requires transparent communication and knowledge exchange. Our focus is on shared targets, realistic agreements, clear communication, and collective expertise.

    To offer you continuous worldwide service, we:

    • Build a strategic partnership, starting with a content audit, to unify your brand and content across all markets and channels.

    • Have a global network of native language experts consisting of copywriters, translators, editors and localization engineers.

    • Prioritize quality through custom workflows, translation memories, official glossaries and dedicated language teams.

    Localization offers an effective, consistent, and seamless experience throughout the customer journey and across your global offices.


    The key to global marketing success


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