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  • Develop a Custom Localization Strategy

    If you’re looking to kick-start your global marketing strategy but aren’t quite sure where to start, Attached’s consultants can guide you through every step of the process. Language consulting covers everything from language-related questions such as tone of voice and style to the best technological resources to use and local markets’ cultural preferences to take into account.

    It’s also important to ensure your product or service gets attention for the right reasons.

    • Is your content calendar adapted to local vacations and working days?

    • Do your images, symbols or colour scheme have any negative connotations in the target culture?

    • Is your UI prepared for varying string lengths and specific locales?


    You’ll need a language intelligence provider to provide exactly what your target market needs.

    If you want to know more about how and where a particular language is spoken, what mode of address you should use for a specific target group or the answer to many other language- or image-related questions, you can rely on our language consultants to fine-tune your communications.

    For over 20 years, we’ve shown brands how a carefully crafted localization strategy can work magic.


    Any marketing strategy needs to be well thought out. In a fast-paced world, it isn’t easy pinpointing your localization approach for multiple locales. You’ll also need to keep your brand and content up to date and consistent, all while handling your other tasks.

    We’ll make sure your communications are effective, appropriately localized and uniform across all markets.

    Build an in-house global strategy

    We offer tailor-made plans backed by thorough market research and insights. Find out how to assemble the right team and tools, localize your content and test concepts to achieve the best versions of your products and services.

    Lay the groundwork for planning and structure

    Be well prepared for future projects and initiatives. An expertly devised plan helps you handle updates, modifications and anything else that comes along in the continuous localization process.

    Leverage existing resources

    We can advise on and integrate your team’s IT, content and processes for a smooth transition.

    Make your business future-proof

    See the benefits well beyond launch. Our consulting sets the foundation to consistently build upon your success.

    With a full suite of services, Attached is a one-stop shop that can identify, plan and deliver results on all your language and technology needs.

    Let us know your queries and goals, and we’ll take care of the rest.

    Better Together

    Attached has been at the forefront of the language industry by developing smart, customer-oriented solutions that have proven their worth in practice.

    Attached functions as your strategic localization partner and supports you in your global marketing and communication initiatives. This requires transparent communication and knowledge exchange. Our focus is on shared targets, realistic agreements, clear communication, and collective expertise.

    To offer you continuous worldwide service, we:

    • Build a strategic partnership, starting with a content audit, to unify your brand and content across all markets and channels.

    • Have a global network of native language experts consisting of copywriters, translators, editors and localization engineers.

    • Prioritize quality through custom workflows, translation memories, official glossaries and dedicated language teams.

    Localization offers an effective, consistent, and seamless experience throughout the customer journey and across your global offices.